Anonymous said...

Hi David, we just were at the symphony April 3rd and I have to tell you we loved your work, it is a terrific show and we will try to organise ourselves for your opening next Sunday, I am going to take time to scrool thru your works.
Chris and Sel Burrows, Point Douglas Wpg.

Chris Burrows said...

Hi David, I commented yesterday, about seeing your show at the concert hall, which we really enjoyed. I toured your blogspot and I was happy to see that you know how much your work is worth, but also disappointed to discover we probably can't afford one! Unless you would take a few cats and dogs as part payment!
My daughter is BFA from Uof M a few years before you and is working out of Thompson, it is not really an artistic milieu, so she tends to be fairly solitary artist.
I like you blog and the links, I have had fun around them. Keep on painting, I saw hints of Ivan Eyre and in the Marilyn piece the Catarinas of Mexico.

D.Macri said...

Very nice, thank you for your kind words!


Chris Burrows said...

Damn, I couldn't go to your opening because I was just snotty and disgusting with cold, it would have been an anti-social act to inflict myself on the group. I hope it was a great success. Chris