Curriculum Vitae

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Honours 2003 Thesis in painting Exhibitions The Art of Music 2009 The Folk Exchange Canada Solo Exhibition 2009 Exchange Community Building Canada Bukgu Art Center, 울산북구문화예술회관 기획초대 2007 Impressions from Afar - A Visitor's Perspective Korea Hyundai Art Center 현대예술관(울산) 2007 I.C.C. Exhibition, Korea Gold Coast Council Chambers Foyer Gallery 2007 I.C.C. Exhibition, Australia Insa Art Center 2006 Seoul Art Fair, Korea Gallery 803 2006 2007 (Various exhibitions) Graffiti Gallery 2005 The Shotgun Show Assiniboine Park Pavilion Gallery 2005 The Metric Years Spence Neighbourhood Association (S.N.A.) 2004 Art From the Heart The Label Gallery 2003-2004 Snaps, I Could Do That, Rambling On, The Dead Show, Heads, Word (and more) Gallery 1.1.1 2002 Painting Thesis Show Off-Ice Gallery 2002 I’m not Linear West End Cultural Center 2000/2001 Feast For The Senses, Feast For The Senses Permanent Public Collections United Nations Memorial Cemetery 2007 Busan South Korea Charcoal Drawing of Pt. Alfred Hansen University of Manitoba’s medical faculty, the Brodie Centre 2003 Manitoba Centre for Health Policy In Winnipeg A series of twelve 3 ½ x 4 ft. paintings (see above) depicting regions of Manitoba and health determinants Magnus Eliason Recreation Center 2002 Winnipeg Manitoba Two (of four) indoor murals Courtnage and Company Architects 2001 Winnipeg Manitoba Outdoor mural Professional Experience ICC member/Canadian representative (see link in side bar) 2006-2008 Illustration for Blueberry Publishing 2005 Educational Literature for Children Art Instructor for (S.N.A) 2003/04 Spence Neigbourhood Association