Artist Statement

In 2003, I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) in Painting from the University of Manitoba. I hope to continue cultivating and sharing my creativity. My focus is on painting, but I look forward to applying my existing knowledge in new and innovative ways. Visual art has been a point of interest for me, as long as I can remember. Even at a young age I knew it as a powerful tool for introspection, communication, and recreation. I would like to explore these functions in various settings, in an effort to further understand my experiences pertaining to art and human relations. I find critical analysis invaluable as a way to remain conscientious. In search of dialogue with other artists, I’ve had a reoccurring role in community art, including murals, instruction, exhibition and collaborative art projects. I am experimental by nature, easily crossing disciplinary boundaries, yet am finding it increasingly important to recognize the ongoing themes and formal similarities in my work. I see all my art as contributing to a larger narrative, whether it's realism, or a composition of dots, lines and squiggles. My practice questions the equilibrium between artistic freedom, discipline, and perception. I feel it is my responsibility as an artist to use the canvas as a philosophical platform and negotiate it with the most lucid vision possible. In the future, it would be my intent to create series of paintings that are related visually and thematically, building on earlier discoveries and the inherent support, challenges, and opportunities of each new learning environment.